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Inteveo has completed the first phase of a comprehensive strategic development roadmap. The initial project focused on developing a DIVE module for Facebook that allows clients to sell products in-stream within the Facebook ecosphere and other social media networks.

Currently, companies have no ability to directly make product sales on Facebook. Typically, buyers are redirected and sent outside of the Facebook environment to complete a transaction. Any sales conducted through Facebook are processed via external payment processing which means Facebook loses that viewer along with any opportunity for true monetization. Inteveo technology changes that model completely by providing the ecommerce component within the video stream keeping consumers engaged on the site.

DIVE is the first ever solution to offer businesses the ability to promote and sell products directly to the social media masses. DIVE's innovative solution eliminates the outdated business practices and creates opportunities to leverage new capabilities in powerful ways. Businesses are now able to increase sales by converting millions of visitors into buyers utilizing a quick and cost effective interactive platform.

  • Transform videos into self-contained cash registers.
  • Showcase your products to the masses.
  • Sell directly to consumers on Facebook.
  • Enhance brand awareness worldwide.
  • Generate new revenue.
  • Streamline production processes.
  • Eliminate the need for 3rd-party applications.
  • Utilize analytics to improve marketing campaigns.

With DIVE, social media sites as a venue for brand awareness and growth and a proven must-do for most online businesses today.

Here is an example of DIVE on Facebook: MLB Video .

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DIVE means sales and revenue generation on your company Facebook page.


Let us help you generate revenue by advertising products and services within a wide-range of video content on Facebook and other social media venues.