Investor Relations


Inteveo LLC has developed DIVE™ (Dynamic Interactive Video Experience), the world’s first true product placement and monetization-in-a-video-stream platform. With DIVE™ online videos are transformed into self-contained cash registers empowering companies to showcase and sell products directly to consumers.

We believe DIVE will prove to be a major game-changer when incorporated within social networks such as Facebook and others.


We are currently seeking investment to officially launch the online platform, ramp up marketing, support current engagements and continue the development of DIVE mobile and IETV platforms.

Please submit your inquiries to:


Invest today in one of the most unique online video advertising and monetization platforms.

Inteveo Worldwide

Inteveo has several investment opportunities worldwide. Our operations in North America and the EU are developing at a fast pace fueled by the rapid growth in the online retail and entertainment sectors.
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