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Inteveo's platform provides clients with an unimaginable opportunity for a total, comprehensive marketing solution. Instead of solely focusing on a marketing component of your business, the DIVE solution allows for integration of advertising, prmoting, branding and monetization elements all wrapped up in a video-based delivery system.

This newly-developed integrated solution will allow for an unleashing of creativity never seen before. The robust nature of the Inteveo platform will be most successful for those clients who will more closely collaborate internally in order to develop cogent, targeted video messaging that will result in improved sales of products, services and other ancillary revenue opportunities.


Successful marketing campaigns will be determined by those organizations willing to integrate outside-the-box solutions.


The power of the Inteveo platform will allow clients to create entirely new video-based marketing programs. Turnkey technology solutions will now allow clients the luxury of combining internal and budgetary resources to tap the growing online market for video-based commerce.