Managed Hosting & Cloud Networking

Inteveo has partnered with top-tier network providers to deliver the latest in flexible, easy-to-use hosting and storage services that meet the needs of any size business.

These cost-effective, scalable services are available as part of the DIVE turnkey platform to help our customers control the rising costs of infrastructure and technical support, enhance overall performance and expand network capabilities as needed.

  • Managed Hosting: Developed for businesses that rely heavily on web-based applications and require an infrastructure with high-availability to keep their business running. Dedicated support, administration and continuous monitoring ensures mission-critical objectives are met at all times.

  • Virtual Hosting: Designed for advanced IT personnel seeking the robust hosting capabilities of managed servers at a lower cost. A reliable, fast and flexible hosting solution at a very economical cost.

  • Cloud Hosting: Created for deploying high-demand, scalable applications in the cloud. Maintain complete control over your enterprise-level virtual environment with a completely customizable and secure solution.

  • Hybrid Hosting: Built to leverage the best features of both managed and cloud hosting into a single, optimized solution. A multiple-platform-solution that allows you to achieve the highest performance and flexibility while retaining the lowest cost possible.

  • Cloud Storage: Customized to store and remotely manage digital assets without the need for businesses to maintain complicated and costly local network infrastructures.


Join our world-class network and enjoy 100% uptime services.

Tier 1 Infrastructure

We offer competitively priced, industry-leading hardware and software packages at very reasonable pricing. All of our managed solutions are backed by a 100% network uptime SLA and 24/7, live North American dedicated support.

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