Partner Programs


Inteveo has developed a partnering program that matches the innovation of our products and services. Knowing that a “go it alone” strategy locks a company into a single-minded approach that restricts growth and opportunities, Inteveo has created a program that provides multiple benefits to strategic partners.

Inteveo seeks out pragmatic entities to enter into collaborative and revenue sharing channel partner agreements that will benefit all parties. Inteveo partners are granted access to unique and innovative products/services that drive bottom-line growth and provide true market differentiation from other competitors. More importantly, Inteveo provides the online monetization platform which frees up our partners to focus to on sales and introduction of Inteveo solutions to existing clients. Everyone wins.


If this is in line with your company goals and objectives, please feel free to contact us to discuss how Inteveo can benefit you and your clients while distancing yourself from the rest of the marketplace.

Please submit your inquiries to:


Partner with Inteveo and discover a world of innovative solutions for your customers.

Channel Partner Program

Please visit our documents page and review the Channel Partner Agreement (CPA).
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