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Mobile Devices

Q & A

The DIVE solution was originally developed around the desktop model. However, as technology has evolved and mobile communication devices become more ubiquitous, DIVE delivery via mobile platforms has become that much more important. Currently, Inteveo technology is operational on select 4G and Android smart phones.

As the mobile technology landscape rapidly changes, development strategies and roadmaps must also pivot in order to stay relevant. But, with the recent releases of new Flash-based technologies, Inteveo’s development schedule has changed significantly. Apple-based products now have a simple browser-based or plug-in solution available that allows Inteveo technology to function without requiring a separate HTML5 version to be completed. Inteveo mobile platform strategy is complete.

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Consider mobile platforms as part of your distribution strategy.


DIVE enables video ads to be delivered to 4G smart phones and portable devices generating new revenue for your clients.