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DIVE is a unique interactive video platform that enables users to watch online videos and order products without ever leaving the video stream. The single-user interface is designed to streamline the registration, checkout and payment process.

DIVE™ will help your business transform videos into true interactive revenue generating ads online.

WATCH: Enjoy viewing your favorite HD video ads with available products for direct purchase online and on social media sites. Explore detailed product information without ever interrupting the video or leaving the screen.

CLICK: Easily select a product from the highlighted timeline to add to the shopping cart while watching your video. View the shopping cart to edit your selection at any time during or after the video is finished.

BUY: When ready to complete your purchase just simply click the check out button. Log on with an existing account or register for a new account to submit your order. The entire process from start to finish is done within the video stream.


Give your customers a unique shopping experience.


Give consumers a simple easy-to-use environment to shop while watching their favorite video content.