• A Worthy Cause


    Last week was Mum's birthday which coincided nicely with Harry Becher throwing a beautiful autumn party at Petersham Nurseries in aid of his charity, Too Many Women. He founded the charity after he lost his mother to cancer and has, after last week, raised over a million pounds towards cancer research. Now that is one way to deal with such devastating grief.




    We ate beautiful food, laughed our heads off and Ronnie Wood sang Mum Happy Birthday, which was the highlight of her year! My fellow gorgeous blogger Liberty Ross was there with her other half, and here is Lucy Yeomans looking fabulous in the ferns.








    Sienna looked amazing in a feathery coral creation by Matthew Williamson and Poppy Delevingne threw grapes at me all night in her stunning Chanel number.





    I think I might hang up my party shoes now until the baba arrives.






  • What To Wear


    I've got to that point in my pregnancy where the options are seriously running out. This being the third Skinner baba to come on the scene means I'm rounder than ever before - and I've still got 5 weeks to go! Thank God for Cecille at Seraphine, who very generously came to my rescue with some seriously comfortable and stylish solutions! I will definitely be rocking this one out even after the baby is born!






  • Sienna In Ethiopia For IMC


    Earlier this month, Sienna visited Ethiopia to see what the International Medical Corps were doing about the famine in Ethiopia. As their global ambassador, she is often off to far away dangerous places trying to raise awareness about all the horrors of the world that we all seem oblivious to as we go about our lives. I was so swept up in the beauty and wonder of the London shows, and when I saw these pictures it did sharpen my outlook somewhat. Not to say that fashion isn't important, because we all get a lot of pleasure from it, but I think it is important to put everything into perspective now and again.




    Sien says, "Without immediate humanitarian intervention, more than 390,000 children are at risk of starvation. IMC is on the ground providing emergency nutrition services and health care to vulnerable populations in Ethiopia as well as in Kenya and Somalia, but they need ongoing support to meet the massive needs, which are only expected to expand in the coming months. Ongoing support will literally make the difference between life and death for thousands of children."



    For more detailed information about International Medical Corps drought and famine response throughout east Africa, please visit: INTERNATIONALMEDICALCORPS.ORG.


    And hats off to my sis who never stops trying to do everything she can, always.





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